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Noel Wilson

I would like to raise funds for the MS Society. PLEASE DONATE...

Noel Wilson an ex Motor Sport Instructor who worked in the Corporate Industry for 20 years.
In 2013 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I now want to put something back whilst I still can. Has anyone ever set an official lap time for any of the UK circuits on a mobility scooter?.........I don't think so.

I would like to set an official lap time for an 8mph mobility scooter for every circuit/venue in the UK (for a start) for my new charity venture. Motor Sport for MS. Not on just the race circuits though, but the Rally x Circuits, Drag strips, Hll Climbs, Sprint Circuits and Stock Car Short Ovals, in fact anything we can think of which caters for wheels. I don’t want to do it on anything spiced up, just my normal run of the mill eight mph scooter. In racing terms Group N (Group Noel). What I would like to do, to make it special, is to get permission to set an official time with a transponder fitted at of the venues made available to us. Hopefully we can make this a real one off for my charity. Stand 21 have very kindly supplied race overalls embroidered with the Motor Sport for “MS” logo, a helmet, race boots. Race gloves and a HANS unit. My “race” Scooter has been wrapped in the KCMG LMP2 Le Mans 2015 winning car colours. We have already had a very positive response from many of the circuit owners/promoters. We have been officially recognised by the MS society and they are helping us by supplying collecting buckets, tabards, and the use of their charity number to enable us to collect from the public whilst at race meetings setting our lap times.


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