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In 2017 Rick will be competing in:

Pre 1990 formula ford 1600...

***The Star Driver from the 1980's***
returns to raise FUNDS for

From '82 to date, Rick has had success in a number of formulae, most notably Formula Ford 1600 and 2000, Sports 2000 and Honda CRX He has had numerous wins and has been asked to drive as 'guest driver' for a wide variety of teams and classes.

Former works driver for Reynard Racing, overall winner Champion of Brands series,
61 pole positions 58 race wins - 64 2nd places - 36 3rd places - 4 lap records.



Rick is 'old school' and believes in going racing properly To succeed in these highly competitive events, both car and driver need to be fully prepared.
To be prepared, both car and driver need to develop And in order to develop,
both car and driver need to go testing.

Rick wants your participation in helping
him and the team AMC Racing test, develop and prepare both him and the car for even more success.

  • This will allow us to be front runners, we need to test as much as possible and ideally prior to every race.
  • Sponsors will be a major part of the Team.
  • But…What do you get out of this?

    The Benefits Are:

    ADVERTISING: All sponsors will have their Branding on the race car, on race overalls
    and Pit Signage etc..

    CORPORATE: Race day hospitality and tickets for your invited guests.

    OPPORTUNITIES: Personal promotional appearances by Rick at sponsors'
    events, after dinner speeches etc.

    TEAM BUILDING: Team Building Opportunities.

    TRACK DAYS: Entertain staff, clients and suppliers at exclusive track days where they can drive a selection of race cars, with tuition from Rick and also have passenger rides with Rick at the wheel .

    PROMOTION: The car and driver can be made available for display and promotion at your place of work or on a show stand etc. subject to availability and the calendar of racing and testing schedules.

    TV COVERAGE: Extensive TV Coverage by MotorsTV and ITV.

    If you are interested in sponsorship
    please contact us.

    Rick Shortle: 07854 366045






    Rick's Racing History:

    1973 - 1977 Rode for Reading Racers

    FORMULA FORD 1600.
    1982 3rd overall in the Dunlop Autosport Star of Tomorrow Championship
    1983 2nd overall in the Champion af Brands Series
    1984 Winner overall in the Champion of Brands Series
    1985 Works driver for Reynard Racing

    FORMULA FORD 2000.
    1986 3rd overall in the BBC Grandstand series
    1986 4th overall in the National series

    SPORTS 2000.
    1987 3rd overall in the National Sports 2000 Cup
    1989 2nd overall in the National Sports 2000 cup

    HONDA CRX Cup.
    1990 10th overall in the Honda CRX Cup
    1991 4th overall in the Honda CRX Cup
    1992 3rd overall in the Honda CRX Cup

    1992 to 2013
    Guest driver for several teams

    1994 to Date
    Competed in Willhire 24hrs driving a Sierra Cosworth. Drove with several teams
    as a guest driver.
    Wrote my Autobiography, "Full Circle".
    Race Coach.

    Portfolio of my racing to date, confirming my Racing History.
    61 pole positions - 58 race wins - 64 2nd places - 36 3rd places - 4 lap records.

    Tom Cruise with Rick.

    RS Rick

    Winner Donington.

    rick's victory

    RS Ford Fiesta testing.

    RS Car

    Winner Brands Hatch.

    rick's victory

    Formula Ford 2000.

    FF Car

    Front Row Brands Hatch.

    Front Row

    Full Circle.

    Full Circle

    SCS Ltd. Endorsement.